Working Hand Made
Working Hand made.
(1) Liquid porcelain  is poured into the moulds to obtain dolls, logs, baskets, ect.. After 15 minutes the mould  are turned upside-down to let the remaining liquid porcelain exit.

(2) After 30 minutes the moulds are opened to take out the pieces. (3) Later, with a sharp pointer and a damp sponge, the mould-line is removed to obtain a very smooth surface.
(4) The central part of a hand-shaped tiger lilly. (5) Assembling the petals around the central part of the tiger lilly. (6) Assembling the lillies and their leaves on the log obtained with a mould.

(7) Dolls and flowers taken out of the oven after having fired them at 1260 degrees (celsius) for about 12 hours. (8) Spray painting of the floral compositions. (9) Hand-painting details, finishing.